One Coastline for Global and Continental GIS systems

This application allows you to visualize and download coastline data. The method is described in the Journal of Coastal Research in 2015. The data are a restructuring of the GSH global coastline. The restructuring is done with the IHO definitions of the Oceans and Seas in mind and currently limited to the seas and oceans around Europe. Restructuring implies that the coastal segments are starting and ending on the coastline as defined by the IHO and are directed clockwise. The intelligent restructuring allows for quick coding of coastline related data such as buoys, ARGO measurements, river outlets, islands etc. Such hydrographic coding can be downloaded as well from this site. The seas that are currently available are listed below:
1Baltic Sea66037
1aBothnian Gulf156671
1bGulf of Finland44862
1cGulf of Riga3333
4North Sea23979
5Greenland Sea11584
6Norwegian Sea77904
7Barentz Sea115817
8White Sea8701
18Inner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland13539
19Irish Sea and St. George's Channel922
20Bristol Channel121
21English Channel4322
21ACeltic Sea2204
22Bay of Biscay1871
23Atlantic Ocean North1092829
25Fundy Bay1511
28AWestern Basin6167
28BEastern Basin12428
28aStrait of Gibraltar32
28bAlboran Sea292
28cBalearic Sea893
28dLigurian Sea581
28eTyrrhenian Sea4114
28fIonian Sea3654
28gAdriatic Sea14222
28hAegean Sea14247
29Sea of Marmara552
30Black Sea1892
31Sea of Azov1821
34Gulf of GuineaNo value1
33 values. Total: 61137149
Average: 19115
the classical map of the International Hydrographic Organisation
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