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CCM River and Catchment data are made available at no cost. However, if you want to use the data you must accept the following license conditions.

Subscription implies agreement with the following license conditions:
Copyright Statement

The proprietary rights and copyright of the CCM River and Catchment data remain with the European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC).

Reproduction for non-commercial purposes is authorised, provided the source is acknowledged. Commercial use is not permitted without prior written consent of the JRC.

Reports, articles, papers, scientific and non-scientific works of any form, including tables, maps, or any other kind of output, in printed or electronic form, based in whole or in part on the data supplied, must contain an acknowledgement of the form:

CCM River and Catchment Database
© European Commission - JRC, 2007

as well as a reference to:

Vogt, J.V. et al. (2007): A pan-European River and Catchment Database. European Commission - JRC, Luxembourg, (EUR 22920 EN) 120 pp.

Disclaimer and Legal Statements

The CCM River and Catchment data were created as part of JRC's research activities. Although every care has been taken in preparing and testing the data, JRC cannot guarantee that the data are correct in all circumstances; neither does JRC accept any liability whatsoever for any error, missing data or omission in the data, or for any loss or damage arising from its use.

The JRC will not be responsible for any direct or indirect use which might be made of the data. The JRC does not provide any assistance or support in using the data.

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