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Random reasons to use CCM Data

Ten random reasons to use CCM data....

Function created on Friday 22 January 2010
15 October 2014 united kingdom DPhil project as part of the Atlas of Hillforts in Britain and Ireland project
29 November 2012 Wales River catchment research intended for flood risk management purposes, and the potential for shifts in rural land management.
04 April 2012 France Modelisation of freshwater invertebrate species.
12 June 2017 Germany Use of the catchment borders for hydrometeorological analysis of the drougth 2015 in Germany
27 August 2013 Finland The data shall be used to study the structure of hydrological model HYPE and how well the simulation domain has been divided into sub-basins blocks as well as to test whether these shapefiles could be used to build bifurcation for streamflow in the model.
30 April 2009 France Reference dataset for the six case studies of PRIMA, a FP7 research project (212345): https://prima.cemagref.fr
20 October 2013 United States Use map data with the DIVA-GIS environmental mapping software to create various maps of Southern, Central and East Europe.
01 February 2015 New Zealand This dataset will be used for my PhD project. I am modelling the distribution of invasive freshwater species around the world.
06 February 2012 Hungary Automated catchment delineation of the Tisza river and its smaller contributories in Hungary, Romania and Serbia.
20 June 2008 France Activite principale sur le bassin versant de la Meuse dans le domaine des inondations.
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