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Random reasons to use CCM Data

Ten random reasons to use CCM data....

Function created on Friday 22 January 2010
07 April 2015 Sweden Mapping forest areas and types in various catchment areas. (Research)
25 February 2014 Uganda Learning catchment characterization for use in water resources management
19 April 2010 UK River Thames catchment and tributaries presentation. JRC data would provide baseline for further spatial analysis of water quality data.
10 June 2009 Germany Test data for EU Geoportal project with JRC (INSPIRE Download Service evaluation)
26 March 2015 - Selecting the relevant points to collect samples for basin-wide erosion rates.
08 October 2012 Spain Processing of floodplain in a EEA task carried out by ETC-SIA.
26 January 2013 United States Data will be used for instructional purposes in a World Regional Geography course
25 August 2008 Germany FOOTPRINT is a research project funded by the European Commission as part of its 6th sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP6). The project aims at developing computer tools to evaluate -and reduce- the risk of pesticides impacting on water resources in the EU (surface water and groundwater). The project started in January 2006 and benefits from DG Research support for 3 years. Two of the three tools we develop are GIS-based, and we intend to include the CCM2 surface water network and catchment boundary map as EU-level default input data sets in the two tools. Note that the FOOTPRINT tools will be available to the general public and free of charge, so the intended use is clearly non-commercial.
07 December 2014 Latvia Custom wall map of Northern Europe intended as gift.
17 September 2010 UK View catchment delineation and compare to own methodology.
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