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Random reasons to use CCM Data

Ten random reasons to use CCM data....

Function created on Friday 22 January 2010
10 October 2015 UK I intend to use this data for historical purposes. I am reconstructing the economic geography of 17th Century England and require elevation and river basin data in order to estimate the impact of total water power available for water mills in western England.
19 November 2012 The Netherlands Research on nutrient fluxes through cathchments in EU
06 February 2012 Hungary Automated catchment delineation of the Tisza river and its smaller contributories in Hungary, Romania and Serbia.
15 April 2014 Germany SOLUTIONS project JDS3 project House internal non-c research
25 September 2014 UK research for dissertation project covering coastal management and offshore dredging comparisons between UK east coast and the Netherlands
11 February 2012 Sweden background for creating non commercial historical maps (hobby project)
22 April 2014 United Kingdom General interest in water flow since being flooded in 2013.
03 June 2016 UK Use for archaeological research, especially mapping of archaeological sites against various environmental variables
15 July 2012 United Kingdom Master's Dissertation - Water Resource Management
01 October 2012 Italy visualizing soil data at catchment/subcatchmant level
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