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Random reasons to use CCM Data

Ten random reasons to use CCM data....

Function created on Friday 22 January 2010
19 February 2014 Austria Check how the catchments for which I have some data are
05 August 2008 Germany Orientation for the Implementation of the Water Framework Direvtive
25 November 2010 Belgium We are developping a finite element of the Scheldt River going from the sea to the tidal rivers. (www.climate.be/TIMOTHY)
27 January 2009 FRANCE european project for the fish lake intercalibration
08 April 2014 Austria Will probably be used in a publication about a late bronze age smelting place.
20 August 2015 France Dear sir or madam, I intend to use this data for a research project in flood modelling. Best regards, Elie Dadoun
06 July 2015 Finland To see the CCM code of our study lake to introduce it to NETLAKE metadatabase for others to easily find lake info
10 May 2010 Turkey To get knowledge about the study and how it is diveded into subbasin.
19 February 2010 UK Analysis of spatial effects on aquatic plant communities
29 April 2011 France Analysing Pyrenees mountain range and its value as a water tower
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